Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Poker Update

My total is now 107.01. It's slow going, but I am definitely getting better. I placed 337th in a $10,000 tournament which I got free admission into by comming first in a 9 person tournament. It pays from 1080th place up so I made a few bucks off it, nothing great obviously but it's good experience. Unfortunately I made one very silly mistake which hurt me a bit, I managed to hold on and almost recover a few times but I am quite miffed at myself. I am starting to see the problem with playing 3+ hour tournaments. I finally lost going all in on the button with QKo to a call from the big blind with AJo which hit the jack. Nothing could be done, I was at 23k chips with 1500/3000 blinds - it was the right call.

Another smaller tournament (a 100 dollar free roll) I was playing simulatenously I managed to get myself a nice stack with only 40 players left (it pays to 27th), when I made one of the dumbest mistakes ever made and totally missed the flush draw. Whoops. I went from 30k to 88k to 0 in 3 turns, well done dipshit. Mental note: Pay more attention and be less stupid.

I also played my first cash game today, just 0.01/0.02 blinds. Was quite different, but I really enjoyed it. The level of play was much more logical which allowed me to get better reads on people, and figure out who to be wary of and who was an ATM machine in disguise. I ended up clearing the table after taking out 4 stacks (1 guy twice and two other people). Every one left except myself and two of the better players, so I took the few dollars I'd made and left.

Closing note, I'm definitely pretty happy with that free $50.00 bankroll, it's really nice having two seperate sites to play on, and it's nice to already be well over $50.00 in the green. Hopefully variance doesn't kill me too much and I can continue this upward direction. I'll be playing for big money in no time, maybe even a nickel at a time!


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